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Quick And Hassle-Free Stump Grinding Services In Subiaco

If you have a tree cut down, or it fell down, you are going to have to do something with the stub that was left behind. If you don’t, the survival mechanism of nature kicks in, and the roots of the old tree may send out multiple sprouts or suckers that can spread rapidly, become innate, and will convert into new trees before you know it. Old fallen stumps also appeal to termites that can gradually spread into the structures around them.

The tree stump is reduced to small chips, a little larger than sawdust, which can then be used as mulch or to fill in the gap left by the stumps in the ground with our stump grinding service in Subiaco.

Fast and Efficient Stump Grinding Services in Subiaco

To carry out stump removal fast and efficiently, at PPS Pruning, we use effective stump crushing techniques to deliver the best results possible. Stump crushing is usually the easiest and most reliable way to fully extract a tree stump. We pair the most appropriate machine to take care of the stumps regardless of their size, type, or accessibility. Our stump grubbing and digging services might be best if stump grinding is not feasible or you have a large building site project. We make sure that we remain fully transparent and upfront about the depth we can still grind down and how to leave the site with completely satisfying results when the work is done.

Benefits of our Stump Grinding Services

Stumps are required to be removed for plenty of reasons, and this can show us how the work has to be carried out. If we remove a stump to prevent it from growing back or to enable sowing, we ensure that the work is done safely and professionally.

  • Evens out the ground to improve the appearance of your garden
  • Removes trip hazards
  • Prepares the ground for landscaping or construction
  • Reduces the risk of termites/white ant activity
  • Completes the tree removal job

Specialised Equipment for the Best Results

To extract unwanted tree stumps, stump grinding services require the use of special equipment. The stump grinder from PPS Pruning Services is small enough to fit through the typical garden gate, allowing us to grind stumps in hard-to-reach locations. Our stump grinder has cutting teeth that are carbide-tipped, which chew away the stump below ground levels. Normally, the tree stump mulch is used to fill the hole left by grinding. Excess mulch is removed, or you can keep it in the garden for use. We make sure that everything is left neat and tidy and no mess is left behind.

For any queries regarding our stump grinding services in Subiaco, feel free to get in touch with us!