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Are you looking for professional tree trimming services in Koondoola, Perth? PPS Pruning Services offers efficient tree trimming and lopping services delivered by our team of highly skilled and experienced arborists at a very affordable price. We value the importance of proper tree care and so are dedicated to helping you take care of your trees, the environment, and the people living around them.

We specialise in a wide range of tree caring services including stump grinding and removal, pruning and mulching, canopy shaping, pro arborist reports, woodchopping, clean-up, and green waste disaster, and many more, and have developed a reputation of being the leading tree loppers in Australia.

Highly Experienced and Expert Tree Trimming Services Across Koondoola, Perth

Our tree-cutting service team has been active for many years now, developing trust within the community for continuing high standards of work and friendly customer service. The main reason for our steady growth and reputation is our genuine care and passion for helping the community and conserving our natural environment.

Our crews are the local lads, so they are as much concerned about the health and prosperity of the local ecosystem as you are. Our business is operated by residents and so you have the benefits of working with an organisation with great knowledge and experience and a lifelong business that truly cares for the community.

Diverse Range Specialisation to Care For Your Tree

We only recruit highly skilled and trained tree trimming professionals with industry-leading tools and equipment. We abide by all kinds of health and safety as well as council rules and deliver our services maintaining high standards of quality and measures. Our team of technicians is fully licensed and insured.

Allowing tree stumps in the backyard or trees to grow and overhung around the roofs and backyard can have several effects.

  • Falling leaves and debris pile up over the gutter, roof, and backyard
  • Significantly reduces the value of your home
  • Attracts termites, fungus, and mould growth, if left that way
  • Unsightly safety hazard
  • Requires thoroughly cleaning using up your time, money, and energy that could have been invested somewhere important.

Flexible Scheduling – Emergency Services!

We closely work with our clients to offer you professional tree trimming services in Perth that are creating problems for your property. We are always available for emergency services during a storm and other dangerous tree hazards.

Being a small local operation, we can offer you the benefits of flexible scheduling integrated with our abundant knowledge and experience and tailored service, you are in for a value for money service that will never let you down!

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